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Lipovsky Production & Music and Words,
Netherlands March, 2020

Track Listing

  1. Haynt iz Purim
  2. Oy dortn
  3. A leyterl
  4. Firt mikh ferdelekh
  5. Ergets vayt
  6. Der tog iz shoyn fargangen
  7. Bentshn
  8. A nign
  9. Shemt zikh der malakh
  10. Shalom aleykhem
  11. Kasatske
  12. Keyn mol
  13. Dos shifl un di shkhine
  14. Efsher
  15. Ikh kholem fun dir
  16. Yosele
  17. Ale brider


Lipovsky Production & Music and Words,
Netherlands December, 2013

Track Listing

  1. Dushinke mayne
  2. Du, du
  3. Vayt avek fun dayne shtern
  4. Homentashn
  5. Forshpil-Sher
  6. Bloyiker tsoyber
  7. S'iz finster in gas
  8. A dudele
  9. Shlof, shlof
  10. Zise kinder
  11. Aleyn in veg
  12. Di Varone
  13. Oyfn veg
  14. Ikh un di velt
  15. Di shvartse kats
  16. Di tsayt
  17. Syvodnya

Tsart, Tenderness in Word and Sound

Lipovsky Production & Music and Words, Netherlands 2006

Track Listing

  1. Leyg Dayn Kop
  2. Nigun
  3. Joc din Bessarrabia
  4. Di Zun Vet Aruntergeyn
  5. Bistu Mit Mir Broygez
  6. Shlof, Mayn Feygele
  7. Ikh Zits un Shpil
  8. Gey Ikh Mir Shpatsirn
  9. Du Shaynst Vi Di Zun
  10. Avre tu Puerta
  11. Zog, Maran
  12. Erzerumi Shoror
  13. Puncha, Puncha
  14. Un a Yingele Vet Zey Firn
  15. Halalu
  16. Kh'vel Oyston di Shikh
  17. Drey, Dreydl
  18. A Gute Vokh!
  19. S'iz Nito Keyn Nekhtn
  20. Dodi li
  21. Nign

Heroes and Poets/Giboyrim un Poetn

Extraplatte, Vienna - Austria 2003

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Kadish
  3. Announcing Ay Lyu-Lyu
  4. Ay Lyu-Lyu, nakht un regen
  5. Announcing der hoyfsinger
  6. der hoyfsinger fun varshever geto
  7. Announcing Kinderlekh kleyninke
  8. Kinderlekh kleyninke
  9. Motele fun varshever geto
  10. Announcing Der gasn-nign
  11. Der gasn-nign
  12. Announcing Shifrales spanortret
  13. Shifrales portret
  14. Announcing Tsu eyns, tsvey, dray
  15. Tsu eyns, tsvey, dray
  16. Announcing Shtil di nakht
  17. Shtil di nakht
  18. Announcing Zog nit keyn mol
  19. Zog nit keyn mol
  20. Announcing Eli, eli
  21. Eli, eli
  22. Announcing Sholem zol zayn
  23. Sholem zol zayn
  24. Announcing Shnirele perele
  25. Shnirele perele

Vrouwvolk and friends life

Musicians without Borders, 2002 With 2 solos

Track Listing
  1. Anderleto
  2. Durme, Durme

Jews and Christians : Music in Medieval Spain

Ensemble Antequera

Syncoop Produkties, Netherlands 1996

Track Listing

  1. Des Oge Mais Quer'eu Trobar
  2. Ah El Novio No Quere Dinero
  3. Noches Buenas Noches Claras
  4. Ondas Do Mar De Vigo-Mia Yrmana Fremosa
  5. Propinan De Melyor
  6. El Rey Que Mucho Madruga
  7. Non Pode Prender
  8. Ad Mortem Festinamus
  9. Nani Nani
  10. Se Muito Non Amamos
  11. Pregoneros Van Y Vienen
  12. Lavara Y Suspirava
  13. Quen Na Virgen Groriosa

Moments of Jewish Life

Syncoop Produkties, Netherlands 1993

Moments of Jewish Life

Omega, American distribution 1996

Track Listing
  1. A GlezeleYash (A Glass Of Wine)
  2. Farkoyfn Di Sapozhkelekh (Selling Little Boots)
  3. Shpil Zhe Mir Dem Nayem Sher (Play The New Sher For Me)
  4. A Freylekhs Fun Der Khupe (A Happy Tune From The Wedding)
  5. Oriental Melodies
  6. Iti Milvanon (Come With Me From Lebanon)/Ven querida (Come My Dear)
  7. Morenica (Black Beauty)
  8. Gasn Nign (Street Song)
  9. Skrip, Klezmerl, Skripe (Play Musician Play)
  10. Shvimt Dos Kestl Afn Taykh (The Basket Is Floating On The River)
  11. Fun Kosev Biz Kitev (Between Kosev And Kitev)
  12. Tsvey Briv Tsum Lyader Rebbe (Two Letters To Lyader Rebbe)
  13. Sholem Zol Zayn (May There Be Peace)
  14. Shilfrales Portret (Shilfrale's Portrait)
  15. Shlof Shoyn Mayn Kind (Sleep, My Child)
  16. Minutn Fun Bitokhn (Minutes Of Faith)
  17. Reb Motenyu
  18. Shnirele perele (String Of Pearls)


Terpe kind mains, terpe - Persevere my child, persevere

A documentary by Deborah van Dam for IDTV Docs/Joodse Omroep.. 2009

An emotional journey to Ukraine and the discovery of his family history inspire Jewish composer Jeff Hamburg to a composition: "Biographiye"..

Performed by Shura Lipovsky-mezzo soprano, Ivar Berix-clarinet, Lis Perry-violin, Esra Pehlivani-viola, Timora Rosler-cello.

Text by Yakov Glatstein.
Singing places surge in me, sorrow-stirred;
they arrange themselves and become the words
of recorded memory,
written in black on white
by a memory dipped in light.
I can't even fool myself.

A life pieced together from scraps of geography.
Streets and houses,
lamps and beds,
faces and silhouettes
are the commas and periods
of my biography

Bridge to Peace

A film by Robert Paul Simons, The Netherlands, 2005.

The project was intitiated in 2003, in Sarajevo, during a conference of the Dutch organization Musicians without Borders when Shura Lipovsky heard the Mostar Symphonietta. She planned a program of Bosnian, Sephardic and Yiddish music and invited conductor Tamara Brooks to lead the orchestra.

In October 2004, Tamara Brooks, accordionist Merima Klujco and Shura Lipovsky went to Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to prepare the musicians of the interethnic Mostar Sinfonietta.

Their first concert took place in Holland in November 2004 for the conference ‘Singing the Bridge’, organized by Musicians without Borders.

In the summer of 2005, singer/actor Theodore Bikel jointed the project for a tour in Poland. The tour was called ‘Bridge to Peace’.

‘Journey 4 Artists’

Film by Michele Noble (Los Angeles filmmaker).

The film contains music and interviews on peace work and the arts. Soon a double CD of the Ensemble Serendipity 4 shall be released (