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Shura Lipovsky

Shura Lipovsky, composer-songwriter, is one of the key figures in the revival of Yiddish music and song.

Honoring his name, the ensemble ‘Novaya Shira - New Song’ offers to the public her new poetry and compositions.

Di tsayt The time
Tekst un muzik S.Lipovsky Lyrics and music S. Lipovsky
Di tsayt, zi loyft, zi bavegt mikh;
tsi baveg oykh ikh di tsayt?
Time rushes by, it moves me,
Do I also move the time?
Di tsayt zi firt, zi vekt mikh;
tsi vek oykh ikh di tsayt?
Time leads me on and wakes me,
do I also wake the time ?
Tsi khap ikh di rege, tsi khapt zi mikh ?
A nes farborgn farblondzhet zikh!
Do I seize the moment or does it seize me?
A miracle, unseen, has lost its way.
Tsi vilstu gefinen dayn gildene sho ?
Zukh, nit zukh, zi iz shoyn do!
Do you hope to find your golden hour?
Search or not, it's already here.
Vos ken, bekitser, a mentsh nokh ton ?
Di tsayt, zi rirt mikh tsaytik on…
What indeed is one to do?
The time will touch me when it's ripe.
Di Tsayt